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Lars Uebbing

Meet Lars, our newest doctoral research fellow

Visual Intelligence happily welcomes Lars Uebbing, who recently started as a doctoral research fellow at Visual Intelligence in Tromsø.

Meet Lars, our newest doctoral research fellow

By: Petter Bjørklund, Communication Advisor at Visual Intelligence.

Visual Intelligence happily welcomes Lars Uebbing, who recently started as a doctoral research fellow at Visual Intelligence in Tromsø.

Uebbing is from Ratingen, Germany and has a master's degree in physics from the University of Duisburg-Essen. He also has work experience with project management and business consulting from companies like GNS GmbH and Zenit GmbH.

His PhD project will focus on further advancing deep learning research for better observing the Earth. Examples include providing new segmentation methods to infer properties of the Earth's surface or to forecast the extend of sea ice coverage in the Arctic based on climate variables and remote sensing. His PhD project is part of the larger KnowEarth project.

- The goal of my PhD project is to leverage a-priori knowledge and physical constraints to improve the performance of current deep learning models in Earth observation and climate analysis with respect to their reliability and the amount of data needed for the training process, Uebbing explains.

Uebbing says he is interested in diving deeper into a different branch of data analysis from what he has previously worked with.

- I am looking forward to work in a very international group with diverse backgrounds and experiences, Uebbing adds.

Uebbing's project is funded jointly by the Research Council of Norway within the KnowEarth project and by Visual Intelligence. KnowEarth is headed by Chief Research Scientist Arnt-Børre Salberg at the Norwegian Computing Center. Salberg is a Visual Intelligence PI.  

Read more about the KnowEarth project here.

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