February 17, 2023


A mammography classification model trained from image labels only

March 28, 2022

Fredrik Dahl, Marit Holden, Olav Brautaset and Line Eikvil

Paper abstract

The Cancer Registry of Norway organises a population-based breast cancer screening program, where 250 000 women participate each year. The interpretation of the screening mammograms is a manual process, but deep neural networks are showing  potential in mammographic screening. Most methods focus on methods trained from pixel-level annotations, but these require expertise and are time-consuming to produce. Through the screenings, image level annotations are however readily available. In this work we present a few models trained from image level annotations from the Norwegian dataset: a holistic model, an attention model and an ensemble model. We compared their performance with that of pretrained models based on pixel-level annotations, trained on international datasets. From this we found that models trained on our local data with image-level annotation gave considerably better performance than the pretrained models from external data, although based on pixel-level annotations.