Samuel Kuttner


Visual Intelligence

Associate Professor


UiT The Arctic University of Norway

UiT The Arctic University of Norway

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Publications from Visual Intelligence

Predicting Regions of Local Recurrence in Glioblastomas Using Voxel-Based Radiomic Features of Multiparametric Postoperative MRI

By authors:

Cepeda, Santiago and Luppino, Luigi Tommaso and Pérez-Núñez, Angel and Solheim, Ole and García-García, Sergio and Velasco-Casares, María and Karlberg, Anna and Eikenes, Live and Sarabia, Rosario and Arrese, Ignacio and Zamora, Tomás and Gonzalez, Pedro and Jiménez-Roldán, Luis and Kuttner, Samuel

Published in:

Cancers. 2023; 15(6):1894.


March 22, 2023

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