INTEGREAT, The Norwegian Centre for Knowledge-driven Machine Learning

INTEGREAT, is a prestigious centre of excellence funded by the Research Council of Norway with a generous grant of 16 mil Euro, together with matching funds from the academic partners University of Oslo (UiO) and University of Tromsø (UiT).

The centre will operate from September 2023 to 2033, will support more than 60 PhD and postdoc positions and involve researchers from the section of statistics of the departments of mathematics, the departments of computer science and biostatistics at UiO and from the machine learning research group, department of physics and technology, at UiT.

Integreat will develop theories, methods, models and algorithms that integrate general and domain-specific knowledge with data, extending the data-centric paradigm of today's ML. This will be done by combining the mathematical and computational cultures, and the methodologies of statistics, logic and ML.

Integreat's knowledge-driven ML will produce solutions which are:

  1. more accurate
  2. sustainable
  3. fair and explainable
  4. account for uncertainty.

To reach these objectives, Integreat's methodology will inject knowledge into Bayesian inference and approximation methods, and into integrative, logic-aware, language-based, causal and transfer learning. To motivate, test and validate our results on real-world problems, we draw on our collaborations with scientists and public and private organizations and companies.