Eirik Østmo / Torger Grytå

Workshop on Uncertainty

The program will be available shortly. Please check back later.

Workshop on uncertainty

The Visual Intelligence Workshop on uncertainty will be a great opportunity to learn what the Visual Intelligence PhD students Fabian Bull (UiO) and Iver Martinsen (UiT) are working on in the context of uncertainty.

Fabian Bulls has worked on open-source datasets and is proceeding to work on data from The Institute of Marine Research (IMR).

Iver Martinsens  is working on microfossil data from Equinor.


- Brief introduction to uncertainty (Fabian Bull)

- Exploring uncertainty in pretrained networks: a comparison of methods on different datasets (Fabian Bull)

- Looking at uncertainty as variance in my work: current plans of research (Iver Martinsen)

- Group dialogue

During the group dialogue, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions and share your concerns on the topic.

Organizers: The PI/co-PIs of the uncertainty research challenge: Fred Godtliebsen, Anne H Schistad Solberg, Alba Ordonez) 

Please contact the organizers if you would like to attend.