Visual Intelligence kickoff

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Visual Intelligence kickoff


  • For partners to better get to know each other’s scientific challenges and innovation needs.
  • For research partners to elaborate on the Visual Intelligence deep learning research challenges to facilitate future synergies across the innovation areas.
  • To lay a foundation to be followed up in planned workshops and concrete joint work.



Welcome and presentation of the research team at UiT, UiO and NR

09:15-11:30 Partner presentations

Each partner prepares and gives a 10-minute presentation highlighting:

  • Research challenge and innovation need.
  • Motivation for participation.
  • Team: People involved.
  • AOB
  • Cancer registry
  • Equinor
  • GE Vingmed Ultrasound
  • Institute of Marine Research


  • Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT)
  • Terratec
  • Universitetssykehuset i Nord Norge (UNN)
  • Helse Nord IKT


12:00-13:30 Research challenges in deep learning for image analysis

Research partners present in some detail the context concerning the main Visual Intelligence research challenges, dominant directions to handle these, possible examples for inspiration.

  • Michael Kampffmeyer, UiT: Learning from limited data
  • Anne S. Solberg, UiO: Learning from context and dependencies
  • Fred Godtliebsen, UiT: Uncertainty quantification and confidence
  • TBD: Explainability and interpretability


13:45 – 14:15 What’s next?
  • Themed workshops
  • Bi-weekly digital Visual Intelligence talks
  • Newsletter
  • Physical Visual Intelligence days in Oslo
  • International conference Northern Lights Deep Learning Workshop (NLDL) 18-21 January 2021. (Registration


For registration please contact Inger Solheim.

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