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VI seminar 2021 #8 – Applying Deep Learning for Seismic Interpretation

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Applying Deep Learning for Seismic Interpretation

Presenter: Jens Grimsgaard, Senior Geophysicist, Equinor


Interpreting and understanding seismic data is a key process for accurate subsurface analysis in oil and gas exploration. We have recently started putting deep learning neural networks to use in assisting the interpreter to gain efficiency and quality. Digitalization and improved analysis has become an important step for Equinor to achieve success when Identifying new prospects, making new discoveries and extending the lifetime of existing fields.

The talk will cover seismic and seismic interpretation (the “why”, “what” and “how”) and our effort to train neural networks to mimic the interpreters reasoning and understanding of complex data.

The main challenge the energy business faces is to satisfy the energy demands of the world community. The energy system is changing towards more renewable energy, but the transmission takes time and oil and gas will for many years be a key contributor to our energy system.

Jens Grimsgaard, Equinor

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